Arriving for your appointment

  • On the day of your appointment please do not arrive early; if you do, you will be asked to wait outside until your appointment time.


  • We advise travelling in private vehicles to your appointment and avoiding taxis where possible.


  • All patients will need to use the intercom on the right-hand side of the clinic doors on arrival, to alert the receptionist that you have arrived, and you will be advised when to enter the practice.


  • Please wear a mask on entering the clinic.


  • Please attend your appointment alone, or ask anyone accompanying you to stay outside in your car whilst you are in the clinic (unless the appointment is for a child).


  • Once you are permitted to enter the clinic, please stay in the porch of the clinic, and a staff member will take your temperature from a distance with an infra-red device. Patients with temperatures above 37.8°C will be rescheduled.  Please do not take any paracetamol prior to the appointment as this causes inaccurate readings.


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Coronavirus (COVID 19): Re-opening procedures

As the Government restrictions are gradually easing, we are pleased to announce that Oakdin Clinic will be re-opening on Monday 6th of July, in a limited capacity at first.

In order to prioritise your safety, we have implemented significant operational changes; please see the update regarding our re-opening procedures here:

Update and Re-opening Procedures.

It is extremely important for patients to please familiarise themselves with our re-opening processes before attending the clinic, in order to ensure that your visit runs as smoothly as possible.

Thank you