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At Oakdin, we have been performing vasectomies since 1984. Many of our patients come by recommendation, nationally as well as internationally.

A vasectomy is a procedure which involves the cutting of the vas deferens which carries sperm from the testicles to the penis, which results in the patient becoming sterile. Though it is possible for a vasectomy to be reversed, it should be viewed as being an irreversible procedure as a successful vasectomy reversal cannot be guaranteed.


The Sutureless Vasectomy

At Oakdin, all the vasectomies that we carry out are “sutureless” meaning that no stitches are used.

If sutures are used, the body has to digest the internal sutures which act as a foreign body; as a result of which, there is more congestion and swelling of the testes and discomfort is likely to be more pronounced, lasting for about 1-2 weeks. There is also a risk of stitch infection and discharge from the wound.

With the sutureless method, the surgeon removes 2cm of each vas deferens through one tiny incision, sealing the ends and controlling the bleeding point by an electro-thermal method. The advantage of this method is that as the body is not dissolving stitches, there is no internal reaction and congestion and swelling of the testes and overall discomfort is very minimal.


Our approach

Our staff, including clerical, nurses and surgeons, are fully aware of the apprehensions that people may face when considering a vasectomy, and have a caring, gentle and understanding approach. If you have any concerns, we will help to put you at ease, from your first consultation.

If you’d like to discuss having a vasectomy, please contact us.