Trigger Finger Release

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This involves the swelling/inflammation of the tendon sheath (tenosynovitis) which makes it difficult to bend the finger or thumb, these can become locked in a bent position towards the palm. You may hear a ‘clicking’ sound as you try to straighten your finger.



In some cases trigger finger resolves itself – or can improve with conservative measures such as steroid injections, splinting and physiotherapy. If the symptoms persist then surgery is a good option. This involves a short procedure under local anaesthetic and the use of a needle to divide the fibres along the tendon sheath to allow easier movement.

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

The situation regarding COVID 19 is rapidly changing. Our priority is to keep both patients and staff safe during the pandemic. Please do not attend the clinic if:


·         You have traveled to the countries listed on the government website;

·         You have been in contact with someone diagnosed with the coronavirus;

·         You have flu-like symptoms, a cold or fever


If any of the above apply to you, please call to rearrange your appointment.

If you think you have COVID 19 do not go to your GP, pharmacy or local hospital – use the 111 coronavirus helpline

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