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The type of hymenoplasty procedure will depend on how much remaining tissue is available to the surgeon.

In a simple hymenoplasty the surgeon can piece together the remnants of hymen, pulling it together and closing the tear with dissolvable stitches so that it covers the vaginal entrance once more.

Alternatively, tissue from the vaginal wall can be used to create a hymen across the vaginal opening if not enough fragments of the hymen exist.

If there is simply not enough tissue and your hymen cannot be restored, a biomaterial or hymen implant can be inserted instead to act as a hymen which will tear through on penetration.

An appointment for a consultation and operation can be offered on the same day. From the time of contacting the clinic we can offer you an appointment within 2 weeks.

Due to the way in which the hymen repair is surgical done, it is very likely that upon the act of penetrative sex, there will be pain and some bleeding.

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