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Haemorrhoids are vascular cushions around the lower rectum anal canal. They can present with bleeding, perianal itching or perianal lump.

Treatments can range from dietary and life style modification, clinic based treatments like banding and injection and surgical treatments including haemorrhoidecomy and transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD).

Haemorrhoids can come back after treatment. The chances of recurrence depend upon the grade of haemorrhoids and the treatment given. Generally the more invasive the treatment the less likely the chance of recurrence.

Rectal bleeding is most commonly caused by haemorrhoids. Other causes include anal fissure, diverticular disease and even colorectal cancer. If you are having rectal bleeding please make sure you consult a doctor.

Yes, both our consultant general surgeons offer banding or injection treatments. 

We offer a package of consultation, treatment and follow-up consultation for £525.

If you would like to book an appointment please contact  the clinic on 01277 623055